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Of The Kings Embassy

Senior Ambassador Fulton L. T. Wilson, Jr.,  Was Birthed For This Fullness Of Time. The Very Food He's Hungry For Is To Do The Will Of His Father. To Transform This Earthly Colony Into The Likeness Of Our Original Country The Kingdom Of Heaven! To Enlighten Kingdom Citizens That They Are Not An Accident And Have Been Sent Here On Purpose For A Divine Purpose Of The King Of Heaven!


His Greatest Joy Is Seeing People Come Into The Knowledge Of What It Means To Be Born Again And Rediscover Their Original Country - THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN!!! 


Pastor Fulton Wilson is a  native of Ocala, born to Willie Mae and Fulton Sr, at the early age of 5 years old, a tragic cycle started that has plagued American families for decades. Fulton’s father was sentenced to die in the electric chair for assisting his brother with help after he had committed a very serious crime that took the life of another human being.


After his dad sat on Deathrow for six years that sentenced was changed to life in prison only after the then Governor of Florida abolished the Death Penalty, that action saved his father's life. Fulton Jr would visit his father Fulton Sr in prison for the next nearly 40 years. Being raised without a father, growing up in drug-infested neighborhoods, he soon found himself in and out of Juvenile detention facilities, he would go shop-lifting for lunch meat and bring it home for him and his only sister to eat.


As He Grew Older, In And Out Of Jails, And finally being indicted for drugs where he was faced with 55 years in prison. All his life Fulton had heard the words, “You’re going to be just like your Daddy and end up in prison!” Those words spoken over his life angered him and during the next 5 years of incarceration, it would be the time he rediscovered who and why he ever existed. After his release, he was Trained at the feet of one of the world’s greatest leaders to ever live, Dr. Myles Munroe, mentored to discover his purpose in life and ordained to teach others how to discover the same.


His years of heavy Community involvement, consist of:

  •  Aftercare And Re-Entry Programs For Ex-Offenders.  (DATACORPS)

  • Business Start-Up & Job Training Programs For Ex-Offenders

  • Empowering Single Mothers with Housing Acquisition, Utilities, Grocery, School Clothing & Rental Support.

  • Feeding Programs By The Hundreds On A Weekly Basis In Low-Income Neighborhoods.  (FEED MY  SHEEP)

  • Mentoring Programs For Children In Low-Income And Drug Infested Neighborhoods, Especially Targeting Children Of Incarcerated Parents & Children Of Single Parents. (KEEECORPS)

Proven Over And Over Again By Not Just Talk But Taking Action, It Is Clear That Pastor Wilson Has A Heart Of Passion To Make A Difference And To Be The Change Agent That Will Help Others Discover Who They Are And What Their Purpose in life is, And Then To Empower Them To Fulfill That Divine Work!


His Past Journey from childhood up is no longer a journey he complains about or points blame to others for it. He knows and accepts it as his preparational stage to fulfill his Divine Purpose in Life. This same Journey also created in him the perfect Ambassador to represent the thousands of ex-offenders being released from jails and prisons that also have a Divine Destiny to reach for their lives, their families and their communities, and the regions of the world that God has placed them!


The Old Life Of Drugs And Violence, Filled With A Void Of Understanding Our Potential Has Been Now filled with Purpose, Vision, And Passion For Life. A Life where you understand that your greatest weapon at any of our disposal is not guns, bombs, and hate.





Dr. Myles Munroe &
Pastor Fulton L. T. Wilson, Jr.


Pastor Wilson, Visiting The Grave Site Of His Mentor Dr. Myles Munroe


Pastor Wilson, Praying With The Homeless


Pastor Wilson's Father Being Released After A Death Row Sentence And 40 Years In Prison For A Crime He Did'nt Do