Rediscover The Kingdom


"The Earth Is The Lord’s, And The Fullness Thereof." 


               How can we expect to see the Kingdoms of this world come back under the Authority of a Righteous King, A Righteous Government Ruled By Our Lord And King?! If we continue to be a fearful people with no desire to enter the Global, Corporate And Economic System. 


               OUR MISSION is to provide each and every Citizen with the opportunity based upon solid Kingdom Principles to REDISCOVER:


      Who They Are,

      Where They Truly Come From,

      Why They Were Born Here And

      What They Must Do About It


Your Purpose for being here is a Divine plan for such a time as NOW!!! Now, is the time that we take back from the Kingdom of Darkness and bring it back into the Kingdom Of Light. We have been Commissioned To Occupy, Steward, Manage, Rule, Reign And Have DOMINION Of This Earthly Colony!!!