Pastor Wilson Visit's The Burial Site Of His Beloved Spiritual Father & Mentor!

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

August 2019 I Went To Visit My Spiritual Fathers Grave...

August 2020 I Buried My Hero And Biological Father...

We all need someone that we can trust and be accountable to. Before Papa Myles, I wouldn't listen to anyone, God used this Loving And Incredible Man to really save my life, to mentor me, to help me discover my purpose in life.

People All My Life Would Follow Me Doing The Wrong Things. He Taught Me That True Leaders, Don't Lead With Manipulation, True Leaders Lead By Inspiration!!!

I use to be in awe wondering, my God, where does he get all this energy from? He had so much passion about transforming followers into leaders, helping them discover the difference between being religious and understanding who they truly were as Citizens Of The Kingdom! It was like he woke up everyday with new life and the goal in mind was to die empty! He taught me to not focus on problems but use my gifts and become the solution!

I was like a little child for the first time in my 40's sitting at the feet of his Daddy, my real Dad whom I always loved couldn't be there because he was still doing 40 years in prison. I had never heard any Pastor in the pulpit saying words like COLONIZATION and phrases like "HEAVEN IS A REAL COUNTRY!" I had always thought of heaven like fantasy land full of clouds, he was bringing every word I had read in the bible to life inside of me and for the first time in my life, "I Now Knew, I Was Somebody!!!"


When You Finally Come To Understand Who You Really Are As A Citizen Of The Kingdom, Where You Truly Come From - The Kingdom Of Heaven - And Then Most Importantly, That Your Father, Who Is The KING Of All Kings, Sent You Here Not By Accident, But With PURPOSE! You Will Then Know That In This Present Time, You're In A Small Time Slot Of Your Eternal Life And You Have But A Short Time To Fulfill Your Destiny, That Same Energy Will Explode To Life Through Your Being To Accomplish Your Set Purpose!!!

I Sow This Seed Into You Now, Seek And Pursue To Understand The Kingdom, Your Original Home, Then Wake Up Everyday With Your Heart Set To Stay In Right Standing With The King (Your Father)! Jesus Christ Our Lord, Is The LIGHT OF THE WORLD Who Will Open Your Eyes From Darkness...

When He Does? Be About Your Father's Business And DIE EMPTY!!!

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Pastor Fulton L. T. Wilson, Jr. The King's Embassy Of Kingdom Nation

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